Eyebrow Threading, Waxing: Which is best?

If you are trying to decide whether to get threading or waxing done to your eyebrows, here is a summary of the benefits of each to help you decide which is best for you.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

  • Although it can be more painful during the progress, it is a lot more friendly on your eyebrow hairs as waxing takes layers of the skin off
  • The effects of threading last a lot longer than waxing
  • The stylists can be a lot more precise with threading, as they can remove single hairs and therefore your lashes can be shaped to suit your face shape more
  • Threading tends to last longer than waxing

Benefits of Eyebrow Waxing

  • Waxing may be less painful during the actual treatment
  • The cost is less than
  • Will suit you if you have a naturally shaped eyebrow already
  • Results last longer than tweezing

Beauty Mad thinks that eyebrow threading is a much better option than waxing. Threading gives you a much more precise shape to suit your face shape and it lasts longer. So if you are not sure whether to take the threading plunge, do it and you will not be disappointed.

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One Comment

  1. Posted July 17, 2011 at 6:51 am | Permalink

    When it comes to threading or waxing the eyebrows the most important thing is who is doing it.
    Make sure they are experienced enough to understand what you want ie a tidy up of your eyebrows means just that..it does’nt mean.reshaping and thining of the brows…aaargh.
    My daughter had very thick eyebrows and decided to have them waxed and the efffect was lovely, her eyebrows were shaped realy nicely and looked very natural and suited her face, but because she had to have them waxed every 2-3 weeks she decided to try threading as she read that they lasted longer….big mistake!!! She found it more painfull and it did last longer but each time she has them threaded they make them thinner…not what she wanted at all..they just don’t seem to understand. Some of the girls doing threading look about 16 and work like robots they think because their eyebrows are over plucked they think everyone likes this look!! So for anyone having their eyebrows threaded or waxed be very specific as to what you DON’T want not just want you want. My daughter has gone from perfectly shaped eyebrows to very thin very arched eyebrows where she looks permanently surprised…..so annoying because you think that by going to have them done professionally they will look good…