Hypoallergenic Makeup: The Top Brands to Use

Hypoallergenic make up, is made using natural minerals, no man made chemicals are used in the process of creating it, and therefore this means the products can be better for your skin. Women are becoming so much more aware of ingrediants in products, as what ever we use is absorbed into our blood stream and therefore mineral make up is growing in popularity.

People choose to use mineral make up for many reasons, Perhaps you have very sensitive skin, or simply do not like the idea of applying non-natural ingredients onto your skin. Whatever your reasons for picking to use mineral make up, there are plenty of good brands around that will cater to all skin types and all of your needs.

Typically hypoallergenic make up will be free from AHA’s, perfume and alcohol, plus they will not be tested on animals. Although products still classed as hypoallergenic may still irritate you if you have VERY sensitive skin, so it will just be a case of testing what is right for you.

Some top brands on hypoallergenic make up are:

  • Clinique
  • Benefit
  • Bare essentials
  • LA minerals

It is very important that you seek medical advice if you have experienced any issues with your make up. Then contact a dermatologist who will be able to give you specific advice on what you are allergic to and how to help.

Benefits of hypoallergenic make up are:

  • It does not contain toxic ingredients
  • Can be used on all skin types
  • Allows your skin to breath
  • It gives long lasting coverage
  • Most products will contain a sun protecting factor (SPF)
  • Protects skin against environmental pollution

So if those are not good reasons to switch to hypoallergenic make up then I don’t know what is!!

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One Comment

  1. Alicia
    Posted July 5, 2011 at 4:16 am | Permalink

    I have trouble finding a makeup that is right for me. I have tried many known brands other than the most very expensive ones. And i get the same reaction to all the ones i have bought. I have even bought ones that say Hypoallergenic.

    The reactions i get are:
    Itchy eyes, stuffed up nose. Its like my sinuses and allergies have gone haywire.
    Any recommendations for brands?